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We know exactly what your vehicle needs, based on its mileage, to maintain peak performance for as long as possible. Bring your car, truck, or SUV into our shop today for oil, transmission, brake, and coolant inspection or replacement, a tune-up for your spark plugs, wires, or coil packs, a multi-point inspection for your brakes, exhaust, and hoses, fuel and air filter replacement, or belt inspection and replacement.

Factory scheduled maintenance

Your vehicle depends on all of its parts to be running perfectly, so when one wears down, it affects all the rest. Our preventative maintenance and service can help.

Take advantage of our expertise and we'll examine whether the teeth are worn or frayed, if overheating is a concern, and provide belt tension replacement when necessary.

Scheduled timing belt replacement is essential

Protect your vehicle with one of our efficient and affordable oil changes. Your oil change will include oil removal and refill, oil filter replacement, axle lubrication, a tire inspection, and a brake check for your convenience. We'll be sure to catch any problems that may be occurring under your hood and body and help you lower your gas mileage and increase endurance for your vehicle.

Oil changes

Give us a call today for factory scheduled maintenance: